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By | 08/20/2017

***** Important message for practitioners and those who use natural therapies/medicine*****

The National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have spent a mere 0.03% of their funds on natural medicine research and have now been referred to the Commonwealth Ombudsman for bias and scientific misconduct based on their flawed methodology on some of this research.

Dr. Isaac Golden has launched a paper petition calling on the House of Representatives to remove funding for the purposes of Natural Medicine/Therapies from the NHMRC and place it into the hands of an independent agency who can provide unbiased research into the benefits, safety and cost-effectiveness of natural medicine.

If 10,000 practitioners each get just 100 signatures from their patients, politicians will listen.

Please visit www.naturalmedicinepetition.com download the petition and place it in your clinics ASAP.

If you are a patient of any natural medicine/therapies, please print out the petition and ask your practitioner or local health food store to place it in their office.

Please tag your colleagues and share amongst your networks. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Future of Natural Medicine Petition

  1. Marie Klarich

    Hi, I signed the petition and forwarded the link to a friend. Just letting you know that when she tried, the link did not work, and I can no longer access it.


  2. Niki Angelopulos

    Keep Australians choices available. Our bodies, our choice. We have a right to choose or refuse treatments available to us. By removing rights to Natural Therapies you will see a decline in people’s health. There will be an increase of immunocompromised individuals, and increase in mental health disorders, allergies, digestive and gut health disorders not to mention the increased burden on tax payers, hospitals and the current health care system model.

    Natural therapies look at the reasons WHY people are not well. They address the person as an individual and assess their total health. They look at how to help people look after themselves through Nutrition, stress management, and holistic modalities.

    By removing rights and choices you are creating an increased Sick care system.


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