Why would you visit a Naturopath

By | 05/31/2017

Why would you visit a Naturopath?

“Why would anyone visit a Naturopath”;  skeptics against natural therapies would ask.
The answer is comparable simple: “to improve ones health”.

To put this simple statement into perspective, lets first look at some facts.

World Health Organisations, WHO Constitution: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

The Medical System is providing absolute essential treatments, no doubt, we can’t and we definitely don’t want to be without it.

The Medical System is not “Effective” at providing: “complete physical, mental and social well-being”.
If it would, and hopefully it will in the future, we would be all much healthier.

Naturopathy “specifically” can provide that missing link in healthcare, by supporting; “complete physical, mental and social well-being”.

Qualified Naturopaths are well equipped with a supportive “philosophy”, as well as “scientific evidence” to improve someone’s overall health.

But the elephant is still in the room; “Why would anyone visit a Naturopath”.

The answer is provided by the medical system’s failure to provide what is missing.

70 to 80% of people visiting a Naturopath, do so, because they did not get answers to their questions and concerns about their problems, and further more, no “specific” answers of what they can do, to improve their health or situation.

Patients within the medical system are to a certain degree made to be passive bystanders in their own health, taking their drugs, and keep doing so, as most drug treatments are “maintenance” treatments.

People visit Naturopaths because:

People like to take a more active role in improving their own health.

People are aware, there must be more to healthcare than waiting for a disease to manifest, or get worse.

People who are treated within the medical system, want to have answers to improve their health and prevent disease.

People with health problem symptoms, which can not be classified or diagnosed as a treatable disease, want active preventative health boosting answers.

Yes, there are many people who want to take “responsibility” for their own health, and they will be seeking lifestyles advice and preventative guidance.

Medical scenarios:

You have visited your trusted GP, and you have been cleared of possible serious diseases, but you are still not feeling well …. Now What?

You are considering visiting a Naturopath (good on you 🙂

You know that Naturopathic (ND) practitioners, are educated well, including science, and have attended 4 years of  studies. You also like their holistic approach to healing, as well as lifestyle recommendation.

Naturopaths are focusing on treating a problem’s underlying cause (poor diet, lack of exercise, or stress, not just its symptoms.

By example:

Patients with high Blood Pressure or type 2 Diabetes definitely benefit from weight loss, regular exercise, and, of course, a healthy diet. Naturopaths will help patients map out a plan or strategy to achieve a positive outcome.

Constant DIGESTIVE type of problems anyone?
Your GP can’t help you with that? Tests showed no “disease”….. Now What?

Naturopaths are really good at all digestive disturbances. Actually, the digestive tract is one of naturopathic’s main focus. And over the last few years, more scientific evidence is showing amazing insides into all kind of diseases, which may have their origin within the digestive tract.

In fact, most over the counter “medicines for indigestion, heartburn, etc”, may do you more harm than good. These type of functional problems can be helped with proper naturopathic care.

Yes, Naturopathy and it’s possibilities are exciting.
Treatment strategies, based on nutritional guidelines can achieve complete cures for most functional digestive problems.

Anxiety, depression and stress . . NOW WHAT?

Other health conditions in epidemic proportions which respond well to Naturopathic care are; anxiety – depression and stress.

Is your GP sitting down with you and teaches you stress management or supports you with evidence based herbal remedies? Yes? Fantastic, you seem to be consulting a holistic GP, stay with him or her. Otherwise see a Naturopath.

In case of CANCER, whatever you do to help yourself, always consult your Medical Doctor. Naturopaths don’t treat Cancer.

Naturopaths are good at supporting your health, and your system to help you to overcome your cancer, or help you to overcome side effects of conventional cancer therapy, such as nausea, no appetite, no energy, depression, stress and so forth. Naturopaths can support to optimise conventional treatments.

Patients are more likely to have a positive outcome with their prescribed medical regimen, if they are supported by a Naturopath in their health as well as their attitude towards treatment.”

You do not need to be sick or have an illness in order to visit a Naturopath.

If you are healthy, and would like to find out how to be actively involved into your own health, you can visit a Naturopath for advice.

A Naturopath will follow a similar consulting approach as a GP, but will be able to spend more time with the patient to take a detailed medical history, and may even order a series of laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis. However, as most patients present with a medical diagnosis confirmed by their GP, the Naturopath may use a set of different diagnostic techniques to determine the underlying cause of the patients concern.

Naturopaths, “naturally” and “philosophically” have a different perspective to the way they view the presenting condition, the body and the person.

Active Prevention is foremost on the mind of a Naturopath ….

… by Dieter Luske

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