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By | 09/06/2017

Question: How does one know if a Naturopath is Qualified?


In Australia to practice Naturopathy, the ‘general’ rule is that one needs to be accredited for the qualification obtained by a recognised Australian Natural Health Association.

Different Associations do have different requirements regarding qualifications obtained.

There are various levels of qualifications, such as an Dipl.; Adv Dip.; university degree.

There are a number of exceptions, such as:

  1. Grandfather type of clausal:
    Many practitioners have practiced for many years, without ever joining an Association or become accredited. In NO way does that mean that they are not qualified.
    At this point of time (o9.2017) , there are NO legal requirements for practitioners to join an Association.
  2. Many practitioners have gradually acquired qualification. By example; practitioners may have studied and worked as Therapeutic Massage practitioner, and in subsequent years may have studied, Nutrition, Herbalism, and other Naturopathic modalities in order to obtain more scope.
  3. Many practitioners have studied overseas … and may not have joined an Association, and again they may be fantastic professional practitioners.

Advice to Patients, what to ask a practitioner:

  1. Are you accredited ?
  2. Am I entitled for Health Funds refunds, do you have a provider number?
    *this information is subject to government legislative changes to health funds due April 2019
  3. *Has the practitioner  provided a code of Ethics and complaints procedures?

For practitioners who have NO accreditation :

  1. How long have you practiced?
  2. Where have you studied?
  3. Do you have any type of certificates or diplomas?
  4. *Do you have a Code of Ethics and complaints procedures?

NOTE * …¬† in Australia, every practitioner who is NOT registered needs to adhere to the ‘unregistered practitioners code of ethics‘, have insurance, a valid first aid certificate, and continuing education.

Find a copy of the code your practitioner should adhere to, Code of Ethics

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